Poultry Veterinary

May 24-25, NSAU Boiling Point

Novosibirsk, St. Nikitina, 155

  1. Round table FGBNU FNC VNIITIP RAN: “Poultry reproduction as a basis for sustainable production”.
  2. New problems in 2020-2022: listeriosis, parasitic diseases, hypovitaminosis, vitamins and amino acids.
  3. Expert council on veterinary and sanitary problems of poultry farming.
  4. Import substitution and offers from the BRICS, SHOS, SNG countries: probiotics, immunomodulators, etc.
  5. Commercially significant infections, invasions and non-infectious diseases, antibiotic resistance. What causes the greatest damage to broiler and egg poultry farming today?
  6. Workshop on biochemical analysis of blood
  7. Turkeys, ducks, quails, functional food

For representatives of agricultural enterprises, participation is free, the format is hybrid, registration is required.

  • What can selection and feeding provide for veterinary medicine?
  • General issues of prevention and treatment of bird diseases
  • How can we control the circulation of field strains of viruses (Influenza, ND) in the vaccinated herd? Vaccinated bird infections
  • Is it possible to stop the spread of infection in a poultry farm?

Program Committee


The conference will be held in the Technopark of the Novosibirsk Academgorodok ``Academpark`` at the address: st. Nikolaev, 12.
Venue of the banquet: Maximilians restaurant, st. Dusi Kovalchuk, 1/1.
Booking and payment for the hotel, purchase of tickets are carried out by the participants of the conference on their own, at their own expense.